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13+ Best AI Email Writer, Generator & Assistant Tools in 2023




Personalize Cold Emails Instantly with Luna. Automated messages are dead these days. Get more replies on your cold emails with Luna - World's first software application that uses AI to suggest new high-quality leads every day and send them the personal emails they deserve.




Postaga ai tool -

Email & CRM

Send Cold Email Easier Than Ever Before. Great tool for email outreach with personal sounding messages and get access to the all-in-one outreach platform.




Go High Level logo - AI Tool

Email & CRM

High-level helps you manage your sales pipeline more efficiently with its cutting-edge AI technology. The platform offers a unified view of all your sales activities, enabling you to make informed decisions in real-time. With High-level, you can enjoy increased productivity, improved collaboration, and a boost in your sales results.



insidr-ai_smartwriter logo - ai tools

Email & CRM

Generate 1000s of personalized emails and messages in seconds and get 8x more replies with Automate the email writing process and do 40x the amount of output way faster and cheaper.




Make logo - AI Tool

Email & CRM

Transform the way you work with the power of automation in one visual platform. Build and automate anything from tasks and workflows to apps and systems with ease. Say goodbye to multiple platforms and hello to seamless integration, with thousands of ready-made app integrations and the ability to connect to any online app using our powerful no-code tools. Streamline your processes and maximize your productivity with


6 logo - AI Tool

Outreach automation

4/5 is the ultimate all-in-one outreach and lead generation tool, helping you streamline your sales and marketing efforts. With powerful features like email verification, email finder, and advanced search filters, makes it easy to find and reach out to your target audience. Whether you’re looking to build your email list, generate leads, or grow your business, provides the tools you need to succeed.




Hiver ai tool -

Customer support

Customer support made easy with AI. Provide quick and personalized support. Run the software from inside Gmail.



Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign Email Software

CRM & Email

ActiveCampaign is the complete sales and marketing platform that unifies your customer data and automates your business processes. With its innovative combination of automation and CRM, ActiveCampaign allows you to create personalized experiences for your customers across all touchpoints. Say goodbye to siloed systems and hello to a unified platform that helps you grow your business, build relationships, and drive sales.




AWeber Email Software

CRM & Email

AWeber is the leading email marketing platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to connect with their audience and drive growth. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and advanced automation capabilities, AWeber makes it simple to create and deliver email campaigns that engage and convert. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your email marketing to the next level, AWeber is the perfect solution to help you reach your goals.



Elastic mail

elastic email logo - ai tools

Email & Automation

Elastic email is an email marketing platform that works great for email automations, campaigns, building signup forms, landingpages, and analytics.






With Mailrush you can automate your outreach campaigns and followups with no effort. Email service and email outreach provider for B2B cold email outreach.






Automate your cold outreach strategy with saleshandy. High email deliverability and personalized emails automatically. 


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Using AI Tools for Email

What is an AI Email Generator?

As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to keep in touch with clients, partners, and colleagues.

However, crafting the perfect email can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have a busy schedule.

That’s where AI email writing tools come in handy.

With ai writing tools and the help of an AI email generator, you can automate the process of writing emails, saving you time and effort.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best AI email writer, generator, and assistant tools in 2023.

I will explore the benefits of using these tools, how they work, their features and pricing, as well as their pros and cons.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of whether AI email writing software is right for you.

Review og the Best AI Email Writer Tools

Here is just a few seconds of full review of the 5 best AI email writer, generator and assistant tools.

Instantly personalize cold emails with Luna. SDRs and business owners adore the AI technology that it uses to close more transactions.

Automated communications are no longer relevant.

With Luna, the first AI-powered software in the world that suggests fresh, high-quality leads each day and helps you give them the personalized sales emails they merit, you can increase the number of responses to your cold emails.

  • Obtain fresh, top-quality leads daily. Every day, Luna recommends fresh leads to add to the stream. Your input is used to improve the recommendations.
  • Send the personalized chilly emails to your prospects that they deserve. You get the content done by Luna. Luna visits the potential customer’s website to get to know them better.
  • Every encounter with Luna makes her wiser. By utilizing Al Luna, all world-wide salespeople’s top techniques are combined.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the tools you like and use.

You can start with a free plan and then upgrade to meet your needs.

Luna is a great tool to automatically generate sales outreach emails create email templates and email automation.

It works as you AI email assistant and will make you up your email writing game by a lot.

Create enticing email content using the email generator and see conversions right away.

Use Writesonic’s email maker to quickly create an email that will draw readers’ attention and encourage conversions.

  • Instantly produce email content that converts well. The AI writing assistant will make AI generated email copy and catchy email subject lines.
  • With email marketing, you can double your revenue by using Writesonic AI email generator. Backlink request emails searches.
  • Increase click-through rates by coming up with intriguing topic lines. It is one of the best AI powered writing tool.
  • Create engaging cold emails to increase click-through rates. Improve subject lines in 25+ languages and automatically create unique sales emails. Personalized email opening lines.
Writesonic pricing - ai email assistant

Writesonic has different pricing based on needs and technology. The AI email assistant They use GPT-3, up to GPT-4 technology and pricing will depend on the technology you choose to use. You can use the AI email generator for free to get started.

Writesonic makes for a great AI email writing assistant with unlimited sales email creations, write personalized cold emails, subject lines, personalized email, create custom opening lines, and helps you optimize your marketing efforts.

Try it for free.

Create emails with a high conversion rate in hours or minutes. By creating email content that is intended to get results, you can save hours each week.

The AI email writer will do the work you and generate high-converting email campaigns in just a few clicks.

It is one of the best AI email generators and AI copywriting tools in general. Find relevant talking points and write custom opening lines easily.

  • Email content that converts well. AI email copywriting created with your readers in mind and your distribution list in mind.
  • Enter your email. Create emails that are engaging, stick out from the competition, and leave your readers wanting more.
  • Resources and models. Utilize the 90+ tools and models provided by to streamline output.
  • can be used for all copywriting purposes; email is just a few useful features available. Anything marketing and writing wise can be done; quickly identify talking points, displaying social media posts, and 10x your marketing output. pricing - ai email assistant has a freemium model of up to 2.000 words/month.

After that you can get unlimited access to all features with a paid plan.

Pro: $36/mo annually; $49/mo monthly is amazing for anything related to writing; for example email marketing, generate compelling copy for all purposes, highly personalized introductory subject lines, linkedin outreach messages and posts, any social media posts, and anything copywriting wise.

Use AI to create tens of thousands of personalized emails that respond to you 8 times faster. Never again squander time doing research or creating “personalized” letters.

Automate every step of your marketing procedure. 6x less expensively and 40x quicker than people.

Ai email assistants like makes cold email campaigns and the whole cold email process easier.

  • Sales to businesses. To produce a compelling relevant message that catches their attention, they will look for Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Medium blogs, and 42 other data sources.
  • Personalized LinkedIn. We identify distinctive elements from your prospect’s LinkedIn bio, job description, or tweets and produce a complimentary, personalized note.
  • Research-intensive cold emails. We make wallet opening emails using case studies, accolades, news stories, and blogs from your prospects.
  • Find prospect’s linkedin profile url and valid linkedin profile url. If you’re a former sales rep and are looking to increase sales efforts, you can get publicly available prospect data and reach more potential leads. offers a free 7-day trial where you can test the tool for yourself. is a great ai writer designed specifically to create high quality content for you outreach efforts to gain more leads and increase sales.

Try these ai writing tools with your next cold email campaign to create entire emails.

You can use their sales outreach template, AI copywriting templates, which is just some of their ai writers explained and few useful features they offer.

A set of sales tools created with the goal of increasing income. Each tool is a potent remedy for a particular advertising Purpose.

You can use their magic sales bot, email templates, and AI email assistants to find relevant email content and optimize your sales emails.

Reduce the writing time and increase sales. The web app and AI tool saves you time by creating highly personalized introductory lines, linkedin messages and new email talking points.

  • Email Locator. Find and gather verified prospects in accordance with your perfect client description.
  • Drip campaigns. Automated follow-ups and customized email outreach will help you increase revenue.
  • Verifier for emails. Reduce return rates and maintain the integrity of your information with simple 7-tier authentication.
  • Warm-up email. Enhance your email positioning and delivery to ensure that it reaches the lead’s inbox every time.
  • CRM sales. Streamline the work of your sales team with a straightforward but effective sales CRM.
  • Finder Extensions for Email. Utilize mobile click-and-collect email finder apps to locate profitable prospects. pricing - ai email generator

You can get a free trial with 150 credits and 100 business email address to test yourself. is a great AI email assistant and AI email generator that will increase your sales effort quality.

AI email assistants like this will work like your personal AI assistant and you can use their browser extension.

Magic sales bots will increase email writing productivity and help you write custom blurbs.

Benefits of Using AI Email Writing Tools

The benefits of using AI email generator tools are numerous. First and foremost, they save you time.

Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect email, you can use an AI email writer to do the job for you in a few short sentences minutes just a few clicks.

This frees up your time to focus on other important tasks.

Secondly, an AI email generator can improve the quality of your emails.

They use advanced algorithms and natural language processing to ensure that your emails are clear, concise, and effective.

This can lead to better communication with your clients, partners, and colleagues, ultimately improving your business relationships.

Finally, an AI email generator can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

They can catch spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and other common errors that can make you look unprofessional.

This can be ai tool to help you build a positive reputation and avoid damaging your brand.

How AI Email Writing Tools Work

An AI assistant use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze your writing style, tone, and preferences.

They then generate emails that are tailored to your specific needs, using language and phrasing that aligns with your brand and communication style.

Some AI email generators also use machine learning (ML) algorithms to learn from your writing patterns over time.

This allows them to become more accurate and efficient at more up to date information and generating emails that meet your specific needs.

Comparison of alternative AI Email Writing Tools

When comparing some other AI email writing tools, it’s important to consider their features, pricing, and ease of use.

Grammarly is a great all-around writing assistant that can be used for emails, as well as other types of writing.

GPT-3 is a powerful language model that can generate human-like text, making it ideal for more complex emails.

Phrasee is a great tool for generating email subject lines that are more likely to get your emails opened.

Crystal is an excellent tool for tailoring your emails to the communication styles of your clients, partners, and colleagues.

Boomerang is a great tool for scheduling and sending emails at the right time.

Salesforce Einstein is an excellent tool for generating personalized emails to your clients and prospects.

Finally, Automizy is a great tool for generating and sending targeted email campaigns to your subscribers.

Pros and Cons of AI Email assistant

The pros of using AI email assistants are numerous. They save you time, improve the quality of your emails, and help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

However, there are also some cons to consider. AI email assistants can be expensive, and they may not always generate emails that meet your specific needs.

Additionally, some people may feel uncomfortable relying on AI technology for their business communication.

So can AI really write my emails?

The short answer is yes; AI can write all your in weird and wonderful ways.

A new world of marketing is opening up because of artificial intelligence, and this helps all of us do a lot more work in shorter time.

Not only more output, but better quality output as well. It can take a lot of time sorting through your email inbox, and answer all of them.

If you use tools for this, you can have a robot assistant automatically find the most important emails for you, help you write an answer, and keep a full organized overview.

You no longer need to spend time finding good answers to your emails, or coming up with ways to write outreach emails to potential leads, or keep track of it all.

Go through the list of the best softwares for email above and try them for free to find the ones that fit your needs the best.

Future of AI Email Assistants

The future of AI email writing technology looks bright.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more advanced algorithms and features that make email writing even easier and more efficient.

We may also see increased integration with other business communication tools, such as chatbots and video conferencing software.

Conclusion: Is AI Email Writing Right for You?

In conclusion, an AI email writer can be a valuable asset to your business communication strategy.

They save you time, improve the quality of your emails, and help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

However, it’s important to carefully consider the features, pricing, and ease of use of each tool before making a decision.

Additionally, it’s important to consider whether you feel comfortable relying on AI technology for your business communication.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use an AI email writer is a personal one that depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, here are the top 9 AI tools that you can use for business:

  1. Luna: Email outreach
  2. Writesonic: All-in-one writer
  3. Email marketing campaigns
  4. Personalized email outreach
  5. Email finder & automation


They all have a free-trial so you can test and see which ones that can help your companies the most.

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