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9+ Best AI Tools For Business (2023)



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Workspace & productivity

A second brain for your business team. A magical list to break down complexities and map out your collective mind. Unlock your collaborative brain and connect tasks, notes, and teams, in one unified workspace. AI-writing tools, notes and docs, tasks and projects, mind maps, video chats, and more.




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Workspace & productivity

Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page. Write faster, think bigger, and augment creativity. All you wiki's, docs and projects in one place. Notion is the connected workspace where better, faster work happens.



Surfer SEO

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SEO & Copywriting

SurferSEO is one of the absolute best SEO tools that will help write amazing SEO-optimized content. It will show you what you need to include in your articles, best keywords, current SEO score and how to improve, and basically makes sure every content piece is SEO-optimized and top notch. Comes with a free-trial.


4 AI Tools


Create amazing blog posts, art & images, marketing copy, sales emails, SEO content, Facebook ads, web content, captions, video scripts, 10X faster with AI. Jasper is the AI Content Generator that helps you and your team break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content 10X faster.




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Morningscore is one of the best all-in-one SEO tool available. Easily fix your website health and optimize SEO and rankings with their gamified SEO tool.



Browse AI

BrowseAI ai tool -

Extract Data

Extract and monitor data in seconds with browse AI. Train the robot easily and no code required.



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AI Chatbot

5/5 is the ultimate conversational AI platform that empowers businesses to build and deploy intelligent chatbots with ease. Its cutting-edge natural language processing technology and user-friendly interface make it simple for businesses to create engaging and personalized conversational experiences for their customers. Whether you’re looking to improve customer service, increase conversions, or streamline processes, has everything you need to succeed in the conversational AI space.




Hiver ai tool -

Customer Support

Customer support made easy with AI. Provide quick and personalized support. Run the software from inside Gmail.




Postaga ai tool -


Send Cold Email Easier Than Ever Before. Great tool for email outreach with personal sounding messages and get access to the all-in-one outreach platform.



Otter AI

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Capture and share insights from your meetings. Otter records meetings, take notes in real-time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything.




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Startup & assistant


Upload a PDF and get answers from it. Create Reports 100X Faster. Understand Technical Documents 100X Faster. Analyze Legal Documents 100X Faster



Sheet AI


Available for Google Sheets and Excel (Coming Soon) Skip the learning and get straight to work. Use AI to transform your text instructions into a Google Sheet formula quickly. (Going live in 2-3 weeks)





Bring your business idea to life. All-in-one business planning software that helps you turn your great idea into a successful business.


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Voice Generator

AI-powered text to voice generator. Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices. Instantly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.


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Using AI Tools for Companies

Artificial Intelligence In Business

Artificial intelligence in business applications (AI) are simplifying business processes and making it easier to develop business strategies.

AI makes it possible to enhance business growth, both for small businesses and bigger companies.

In this article, we review 9 of the best artificial intelligence tools that has a lot of business benefits.

These AI systems has several advanced technologies to make business process, boost productivity, boost revenue, make customer interactions and eliminate human errors from data analysis. Read on to see how AI adoption can help your business processes.

What are the Best AI Technologies for Business Operations?

Artificial intelligence in business will help your business operations, like actionable insights, consumer data, creating content, and more.

You can use artificial intelligence to gain more data and get a better understanding of how you can grow and improve companies.

We have reviewed 9 of the best tools using artificial intelligence in business today. All tools have different purposes, dynamic pricing, and a free trial.

Top 9 AI Business Tools in 2023 – Quick Overview

Top 9 AI Tools for Business - Review

Implementing AI for companies can have great positive impact since there is a lot of AI capabilities today. Let’s take a look at ai capabilities and some relevant information about these AI applications.

The all-in-one workspace for all companies. Notion has become known over the last years because of their amazing platform, business functions and well over 1m+ members.

Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page. Write faster, think bigger, and augment creativity. All you wiki’s, docs and projects in one place. Notion is the connected workspace for better, faster work; increase productivity.

  • Excellent for taking notes and increasing productivity for the whole team.
  • Really simple to use and customize.
  • Good prices for both big companies and small businesses. 
  • Forever Free Plan contains sufficient functionality for sole proprietors.

Personal: This plan is always free.

Personal Pro: For $4 per month, payable yearly, users that wish to utilize Notion beyond the bare minimum can join up. That would cost $5 if you wanted to bill once a month.

Team: You may join up for Notion Team for a cost of $8 per user per month, payable annually, if you have a small team and want one shared workspace. It will cost $10 per user each month if you choose to bill monthly.

Enterprise: If you want to use Notion for your business, the Notion Enterprise plan is the best choice, but you must speak with its sales staff to learn more about its cost.

Notion is ideal for you if you work in marketing or are a member of the creative economy and have a small team that requires a collaborative workspace. You may save all data—whether it takes the form of text, images, files, or databases—in one location, linked together, labeled, and organized for subsequent use. Notion Personal or Personal Pro is useful for companies and all of their demands in one place and managing all of your tasks if you are a freelancer or small business owner.

Surfer SEO is one of the best AI SEO tools. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) SEO tool that combines planning, keyword research, content editing, domain analysis, and SERP analysis to create content.

This tool has a ton of capabilities for creating content that is search engine-optimized. Surfer’s document editor supports HTML and enables copy-and-paste into the platform of your choice.

Surfer SEO is a crucial AI tool for content optimization and SEO-optimized material if you want to increase organic traffic.

  • Plan your content by gathering all of the information you’ll need in one location. To efficiently structure your content, you may conduct keyword research and check the Google SERPs.
  • Use Brief to create an AI overview with clear headings and paragraphs. It will offer ideas for headers, titles, and subheadings based on your keyword research. Get writing advice, content suggestions, and a powerful HTML document editor from the content editor.
  • In an audit, look for any missing keywords on your present pages and compare them to those of your competitors. This is an excellent tool to utilize to go through previous content and verify sure you’re still ranking higher than your competitors.
  • AI growth management software called Grow Flow. Obtain critical SEO knowledge for your website, including weekly optimization activities. Check words on Google quickly with this browser extension.

Basic: $59/month; $49/month annually

Pro: $119/month; $99/month annually

Business: $239/month; $199/month annually

With Surfer SEO, a terrific AI-powered content creation tool, business owners of all hues can create content that works for them. One of the most effective tools for content development, it enables you to use a number of features to enhance your work. It’s one of the best platforms for content creation. is one of the most popular and successful AI copywriting tools for a variety of factors. Any marketing project may use this AI copywriting tool.

When it comes to maximizing your article generation output and blog material, the AI writing helper is your best friend.

You’ll be ten times more productive in terms of coming up with content ideas, and you’ll be able to create material with unprecedented regularity.

A free trial and 10.000 free words are also provided by so that you may test the AI writing program on your own.

  • One of the greatest AI copywriting tools for producing an endless supply of social media posts with engaging creatives, appealing video scripts, and blog pieces is this one.
  • For your target demographic, the AI writing tool can create compelling commercials.
  • Producing written content: The AI tool creates articles for blogs, advertising, email subject lines and body copy, product descriptions, and many more copywriting tasks. This improves the efficiency of producing relevant content for your intended audience.
  • Making social media posts: Using Jasper, content production is simple. Using machine learning, you may create all the artwork and pictures you need for social media or other purposes, as well as create ad content and maintain your brand voice.
  • Content strategy: Jasper will help you come up with concepts for long-form blog posts, blog post outlines, and other text-based material as you construct your content marketing plans.

Free trial: 10.000 free words

Starter: $29/month; $24/month annually up to 20.000 words/month.

Boss Mode: $59/month; $49/month annually up to 50.000 words/month.

Business: custom plan; contact support. 

An outstanding AI tool for written material is It is one of the writing strategies we use that use artificial intelligence in business itself. The production of content is made easier, better, and more productively using AI-generated content. Generating content ideas is now easier than ever. Additionally, you can get Jasper 10.000 free words to try it out for yourself:

Morningscore is your one-stop shop for optimizing SEO and gaining valuable AI data for marketing, e-commerce, and agencies.

In just 14 days, this SEO tool will assist companies using AI in improving search engine rankings.

Gamification is used to assist with content creation, target keyword research, and SEO content optimization in general.

  • SEO is a vital tool in e-commerce for drawing people to your website and encouraging them to make purchases. Artificial intelligence can help. Companies can use AI to boost the website’s performance and position in the search results by using Morningscore. Our technology enables you to outperform the competition and get SEO results.
  • You must be able to manage and report on SEO in the easiest manner feasible as an agency in charge of multiple companies. Setting up SEO reports and managing many projects are both made simple with Morningscore. You’ll find it simple to handle using artificial intelligence for reporting. Use AI for big data, data security, predictive analytics and more.
  • If you’re in charge of all the marketing initiatives for companies, you should be using artificial intelligence. Even with a minimal investment in resources, the AI solution lets you stay on top of your companies game.

Growth: $65/month; $54/month annually

Professional: $125/month; $104/month annually

Master: $237/month; $197/month annually

Morningscore is one of the easiest and best ai solutions for companies wanting to benefit from artificial intelligence. Get actionable insight for you companies using artificial intelligence.

Browse AI is a fantastic online scraping tool that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and quickly harvest data from any website you want.

With Browse AI, businesses can build their own no-code data pipeline. Users may inspect or monitor any website according to their needs by choosing the web page and the data.

  • With Browse AI, you can train a robot to interact with websites and collect structured data by simply recording your activities.
  • This application may generate hundreds of selections for each element while it is running in the background to automatically react to page changes.
  • To swiftly choose and classify all the data you need, automatically recognize data patterns on a page.

Free: Forever, limited business data

Starter: $49/Month; $39/mo annually

Professional: $124/Month; $99/mo annually

Company: $312/Month; $249/mo annually

Enterprise: Custom

The work required to scrape the webpage is reduced to a minimum using Browse AI. It perfectly scrapes webpages in a matter of minutes. A website can be converted into an API or a spreadsheet. Additionally, you may keep an eye on data on a website and receive alerts when something changes. With some basic web-scraping expertise, anyone may utilize this no-code, cloud-based program.

Hiver is the most direct route to customer satisfaction using artificial intelligence in business.

Hiver updates your Gmail so you can effortlessly offer each customer rapid and individualized customer service.

It uses AI technology like machine learning algorithms and deep learning models for big data analytics, to understand customer requests.

  • Run customer support from inside Gmail at scale easily.
  • Data science: analyse customer data like customer behavior using machine learning models.
  • Automate repetitive tasks. Focus on customer happiness. Use the AI technology for process automation and business growth.

Lite: $19/Month; $15/mo annually

Pro: $49/Month; $39/mo annually

Elite: $69/Month; $59/mo annually

Hiver enhances your Gmail so you can easily provide each customer with excellent, personalized customer service. This AI adoption allows companies to dig deeper with artificial intelligence in their business processes and increase customer happiness in the business world.

The best conversational AI platform,, makes it simple for companies to create and use intelligent chatbots.

Businesses can easily build engaging and customised conversational experiences for their consumers because to its cutting-edge natural language processing technology and user-friendly interface. provides everything you want to be successful in the conversational AI arena, whether you’re trying to enhance customer service, boost conversions, or optimize procedures.

  • Generate more qualified Leads and boost your sales. Engage your prospects with a unique conversational experience.
  • Quick and easy bot-making. The ai technology does not require code experience.
  • Targeted marketing, sales and general public oriented. Business leaders can use AI systems and machine learning to monitor data analytics.


Starter+: $29/Month

Business: $49/Month

Team: $89/Month

Enterprise: Customer requests

Sending cold emails is now simpler than ever. Access the all-in-one outreach platform with this fantastic solution for email outreach that uses personal-sounding messages.

Nobody enjoys getting emails that are pre-written. Using tools powered by AI, Postaga’s all-in-one outreach platform enables you to create customized outreach campaigns and establish connections with the appropriate individuals.

  • You can keep track of your open opportunities and track your outcomes with the Postaga CRM, allowing you to use data to continuously enhance your outreach efforts.
  • Utilize Postaga’s Opportunity Finder to locate the ideal websites, bloggers, podcasters, and companies to engage with quickly.
  • To automatically discover the appropriate contact information, including their email address, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile, Postaga evaluates your opportunities.
  • Put your outreach and follow-up on autopilot to see a dramatic increase in response rates.

Pro: $99/Month; $84/mo annually

Agency: $299/Month; $250/mo annually

Postaga can be beneficial for companies. It is using artificial intelligence in business to get more leads and responses through cold email. It has a free 14 day trial. is a text to voice generator using AI. It’s a great way to use artificial intelligence in business for faster content creation.

Utilize the greatest synthetic voices and our online AI Voice Generator to produce realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio.

Instantly generate voice from text, which is then available for download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

  • For marketing, explainer, product, and YouTube videos, use voices that are consistent, clear, and professional.
  • Narrative voices that can correctly pronounce the acronyms and terminology used in training materials.
  • Use audio widgets that are SEO-friendly to increase accessibility and interaction on your websites. Utilize API to include human-sounding voices into your hardware and software.
  • 142+ Languages to choose from

Free: up to 5.000 free words

Professional: $39/Month; $29.25/mo annually

Premium: $99/Month; $49.5/mo annually

Enterprise: Custom

Great AI technology for companies that wants to produce more voice-content with higher quality, in less time. A great way to use artificial intelligence in business.

5 Business Transformations Powered by AI

Automate business processes using machine learning

Every day, organizations must do hundreds of tasks. By automating regular processes, firms may free up staff to focus on more important projects. This is particularly true for the customer service division.

Your workers may utilize AI-powered chatbots for simple tickets instead of manually responding to every customer inquiry, freeing them up to work on more difficult support cases and marketing-related activities.

AI can also assure data security, accuracy clean data without human intervention and reduce human mistake. Businesses will soon have a more productive workforce and higher-quality production as they continue to automate their processes more and more.

Make better business decisions

The application of AI extends to decision-making as well. Humans typically find it challenging to examine large amounts of data. But for AI, it’s just another typical workday.

Businesses may provide their staff access to vast volumes of data thanks to AI and ML. These cutting-edge tools recognize trends, forecast future outcomes, and recommend the best course of action.

The staff then has training in data analysis and makes decisions on their next course of action in accordance with the company’s objectives and purpose using the data that has been reviewed.

AI may reduce the amount of time, money, and resources spent on manual decision-making since it is faster and more accurate than people.

Considering that machine learning algorithms and models can better identify patterns in data than people or human brain, I believe that businesses will progressively delegate even their judgments to these machine learning algorithms and ai technology.

Hiring new talent

Using AI in human resources can be beneficial. For many companies, the standard hiring procedure entails posting job ads, assessing resumes, and holding interviews.

Although human contact will always be necessary to secure the finest applicants for human jobs, many companies now rely on AI-powered recruiting and human resources technologies, and predictive analytics, helps quickly locate qualified employees.

AI talent sourcing tools and training data, can scan a job description written in plain language and provide recommendations for the best candidates based on the listed qualities.

Recruiters can use chatbots to aid in the screening process. This also helps with fraud detection.

The hiring manager may acquire interview responses from a bigger pool of candidates with the same amount of effort by using these AI-automated tools to inquire candidates about their abilities and experience.

The final recruiting decision may be made more quickly when companies utilize ML algorithms to find data patterns in a candidate’s interview responses, CV, social media profiles, and job listings.

These algorithms rate and summarize the positives and disadvantages based on all the necessary job qualities.

Businesses can quickly identify the best prospects, and job hopefuls may learn more jobs more quickly if they have been hired.

Increase efficiency using natural language processing

AI is assisting organizations in a variety of ways to increase efficiency, including automated workflow and improved daily chores.

It lessens the amount of time workers need to complete a task. They do more in less time as a consequence, increasing the overall productivity of the employees time and whole business process.

In the upcoming years, it is certain that demand for AI and ML will increase as many organizations will continue their business strategies to generate more income.

Benefits Of using AI in Business

Here are some of the benefits of AI for businesses:

  • Increased efficiency: artificial intelligence tools can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Improved decision-making: AI tech can analyze data and provide insights that can inform better business decisions.
  • Enhanced customer experience: AI software can help businesses provide more personalized and efficient customer service.
  • Cost savings: By automating tasks, businesses can reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

Choosing the Right AI Tool for Your Business

When choosing an AI tool for your business, it’s important to consider your specific needs and goals. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What tasks do I need to automate?
  • What data do I need to analyze?
  • What is my budget for an AI tool?
  • What level of expertise do I have in AI?


By answering these questions, you’ll be able to choose the right AI process automation tool for your business and start reaping the benefits of AI.

Types of Artificial intelligence Tools for Business

There are ai applications for several other technologies and types of AI tools for businesses, including:

  • Machine Learning Tools: These AI tools use algorithms to analyze data and make predictions about customer requests. They are used for tasks such as the customer experience, segmentation, fraud detection predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis targeted marketing.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Natural language processing tools analyze and understand human workers to automate tasks such as machine learning and deep learning models and algorithms such as text classification, sentiment analysis, and customer service.
  • Computer Vision Tools: These deep learning AI tools analyze and understand images and videos. They are used for tasks such natural language processing such as image recognition, object detection, and facial recognition.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): These AI tools automate manual, repetitive tasks in business applications such as legacy systems such as data entry and customer service. AI is also being used in autonomous vehicles and for self driving cars.

How to implement AI in your business

A well-thought-out strategy is needed to integrate AI-powered solutions into your company’s operations. As a business owner or leader, you must first visualize how you wish to move things along.

Here are a few pointers that can assist any business executive use AI in their organization to develop business strategies for competitive advantage.

Be careful to measure the potential results of this technique and have reasonable expectations with AI.

Keep in mind that AI cannot solve every problem or complete every assignment. Therefore, you must look at particular use cases of AI that complement the overall viability and ROI of your organization.

See what AI can do for you. AI can increase sales, improve productivity and efficiency, provide a better customer experience, or cut expenses for your company.

Business leaders and executives need to realize that integrating AI requires more than simply small organizational adjustments. Instead, you must also have your manual labor ready to accept it.

AI requires collaboration, much as previous technologies. A single strategy that is in line with the AI goals of the firm must be implemented across the board, including the personnel and organizational structure.

Business executives and leaders must develop an AI roadmap to understand how the technology will assist the company accomplish its objectives in order to meet all the issues.


The Best AI Business Tools - FAQ

How is AI used in business?

AI is used in business to automate routine tasks, improve decision-making processes, and enhance customer experiences. It can be applied to various areas such as customer service, marketing, operations, and finance to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation. AI is also used to analyze large amounts of data to gain insights and identify patterns, which can help businesses make more informed decisions.

What is the importance of AI in businesses?

The importance of AI in businesses lies in its ability to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive innovation. By automating routine tasks and providing data-driven insights, AI can help businesses make better decisions and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Additionally, AI can enhance customer experiences, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and revenue

What is the future of artificial intelligence for businesses?

The future of artificial intelligence for businesses is promising, with continued advancements in technology and the growing availability of data. AI will likely become more integrated into businesses, with increased automation of tasks, improved decision-making capabilities, and enhanced customer experiences. However, ethical considerations around the use of AI will also become increasingly important.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, here are the top 9 AI tools that you can use for business:

  1. Notion AI: Best workspace
  2. Surfer SEO: Best for SEO
  3. Best for content
  4. Morningscore: Gamified AI SEO tool
  5. Browse AI: Best for data extraction from any website
  6. BotNation: Lead-generation chatbot
  7. Hiver: Best for customer support
  8. Postaga: Cold email outreach
  9. Text to voice generator


They all have a free-trial so you can test and see which ones that can help your companies the most.

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