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Quick overview:

Contlo is your all-in-one marketing platform powered by AI. You will have your personal AI marketer that can learn about your specific brand, and work as your marketing expert.

For omnichannel marketing, Contlo is one of the best AI-powered client Data & Marketing platform that helps D2C companies and e-commerce stores to automate tailored experiences, improve retention, and make more money.

The Contlo Marketing and Customer Data Platform was created from the bottom up for D2C and eCommerce companies, and it comes equipped to handle use cases unique to eCommerce retailers. With the help of Contlo, D2C brands and eCommerce retailers can increase sales and foster client loyalty.

Score: 9.6/10


  • Basic: free forever
  • Starter: starts at 199$/month
  • Pro: starts at 499$/month
  • Enterprise: contact sales


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Contlo’s Brand AI Model is an innovative approach to building brands that is taking the marketing world by storm.

This cutting-edge technology is designed to help businesses create compelling brand messaging and visuals that resonate with their target audience.

Here are some of the features:

  • Contextual personalization with your brand AI model: The AI model thoroughly comprehends the brand after incorporating Brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic features and develops customized marketing plans and activities.
  • Contextual Generation: Produce brand-consistent, high-converting content and creatives to optimize engagement at every customer touchpoint. Millions of brand-consumer interactions have been refined and trained, and your brand AI model has been customized based on customer behavior.
  • Generative customer journeys and templated automation: Utilize generative customer journeys to go out in front of the curve. Now, the Brand AI Model will produce self-creating customer journeys, autonomously plan email and SMS ads based on changing user behavior, and conduct automatic tests to instantly determine the best creatives and text.

With Contlo you can get your personal AI marketer for your business.

All your marketing can be done from one place, and you will get full insight on campaign performance from your AI marketing assistant.

Here are some features:

  • Full marketing insight: with just a prompt, you can get all the data and insight you need directly from your personal AI marketer. No more confusing analytics dashboards.
  • Omnichannel marketing: create and control all of your marketing campaigns for all channels in one place. Create all the creatives, marketing copy’s, titles, and captions in one place using AI. Schedule and setup cross-channel funnels from the platform.
  • Done for you marketing: your personal AI marketer will learn as you go and help you with all marketing tasks. Generate assets, customer segmentation, control customer journeys, and full overview of your marketing, just from prompts.
  • Email marketing: Forget the tiresome editing and coding with email marketing. Using Contlo’s powerful email marketing capabilities, you can create professional, tailored campaigns in just a few minutes and see your business expand.
  • SMS Marketing: At Contlo, SMS is a fully integrated channel that you can use for specialized, one-off campaigns or to easily incorporate into your automation.
  • Segmentation: Using Contlo’s simple, specialized segmentation, you can personalize your communications depending on your contacts’ buying preferences and increase your conversion rates.
  • Automations: Drive sales on autopilot across multiple channels using a single, eCommerce-focused automation platform. Give your consumers a consistent, customized experience by combining automated texts, emails, and push alerts into a single automated workflow.
  • Push Notification: Use customized push notifications to retarget your clients right away in your eCommerce marketing.
  • Audience sync for ads: For more precise ad targeting, you may dynamically sync contact segments into Facebook and Google using Contlo’s built-in audience sync.
  • Forms & popups: Use Contlo’s built-in signup forms to easily gather new contacts and start interacting with them right away by sending them automated messages. It’s that simple: from guests to customers.
  • Postcard: Use postcards to distribute promo coupons, publicize an event, retrieve abandoned carts, or just say “thank you” in a way that your receivers will remember.
  • Reports: With the help of our reporting and analytics tools, you can simply determine which marketing tactics are most effective and learn more about your consumers.


The prescriptive AI engine from Contlo works with companies to construct a 360-degree image of a consumer and then uses that information to suggest customer engagement strategies.


  • Free option available so you can try the software yourself.
  • AI native marketing platform: based on your own brands AI model
  • Easy configuration: many marketing platform takes a lot of time to set up and configure. Contlo is done in minutes.
  • All-in-one marketing platform: you can simply chat with your AI marketer in the interface and do all your marketing from the platform by giving prompts. This includes creating al the creatives and content as well.
  • Seamless integration: easily integrate contlo with over 200 other marketing tools.

Final Thoughts

Contlo is all-in-all a great marketing platform where you can control all of your marketing efforts. You can create all the content you need to solve marketing tasks by using prompts. Seamless integration with 200+ marketing tools, and much more. Contlo is a great choice for optimizing your marketing efforts, as well as reducing time and complexity. You can try it for free.

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Find The Best AI Tools To Supercharge Your Business

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