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Quick overview:

Create your own AI chatbot in a matter of minutes. Engage your audience in conversation with near-human-like capabilities with powerful conversational AI for sales.

A discussion may be redirected toward your brand objectives by a bot that comprehends intent, objectives, and more than 120 languages.

Powered by the No. 1 conversational AI for enhancing sales, Oriserve, from Google and OpenAI’s chatGPT3.

Advantage in competition: The most cutting-edge AI technology, a vast knowledge base of different industries and customer journeys, trust from the top businesses across industries and geographies, and validation from the best internationally.

Score: 9.5/10


  • Free trial
  • Stater: 19$/month
  • Growth: 49$/month
  • Elite: 99$/month


Promotion: Try Orimon for free is the first conversational sales bot in the world with built-in live chat for your company.

It is inspired by ChatGPT. In less than two minutes, build and deploy your own AI chatbot.

150+ languages to interact with your customers. Conversions can increase by 2.5x while CAC can decrease by 25%.

  • Multilingual, No-Code, Best AI Chatbot Builder. Easy Website Deployment, including WordPress, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and more soon to be added.
  • Helps your company improve business outcomes at scale. Real time training module to maximize accuracy. 
  • Easy to deploy. Setup in under 2 minutes.
  • Pre-built templates. Choose from multiple templates that are pre-built to fit multiple use cases and industries.
  • No more boring chatbots. Real conversational AI chatbot for you website.

Final Thoughts

Orimon is the most cutting-edge patent-pending AI technology, a vast knowledge base of different industries and customer journeys, trust from the greatest businesses across industries and geographies, and worldwide validation.

You can try Orimon for free and test for yourself to see how it can benefit your business.

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Find The Best AI Tools To Supercharge Your Business

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